A social commercial website of sports under construction

A big update of www.dankung.com on Feb 13, 2015
Dear shooters and outdoor sports enthusiast,
1: We are building the www.dankung.com into a commercial sports community.

2: All new products and contents, coupons etc will be published on www.dankung.com.
No new product or content will be added on www.dankung.com/emart/
www.dankung.com/emart/ is still a store to buy existing products.
So it’s recommended you register at www.dankung.com (We tried to migrate data from www.dankung.com/emart to www.dankung.com , but the technique team found it’s almost impossible and has big data-lost risk)

3: There is user points system at www.dankung.com, users gain user points by posting good comments etc. The reward, discount, promotional activities will be based on user points.

4: A forum system has been built at www.dankung.com/forum . You are welcome to post and discuss sports with others at forum.